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Microcomputer controlled large span plate testing machine

basic information

WDW-D microcomputer-controlled large-span board testing machine is mainly used for testing and researching the physical and mechanical properties of plywood, non-particle board, hard fiber board, structural and non-structural laminated veneer lumber, wood floor, bamboo floor, wood furniture, etc.


Determination of static bending strength and elastic modulus of long sample wood-based panels (three-point bending and four-point bending);


→ Bending load of long sample wood;


→ Bending performance, bending load, bending strength and bending elastic modulus of wood-based panel;


→ Total stripping rate, maximum stripping rate and characteristic strength of wood-based panel;


→ Determination of bonding strength in wood-based panels;


→ Determination method for bonding strength of wood-based panel surface


→ Determination of shear strength of wood-based panel adhesive layer: Through compressive load, the adhesive layer of the test piece is subjected to shear failure.


→ Determination of screw holding force of wood-based panel;


→ Determination of tensile strength and compressive strength, determination of compression strength parallel to grain; (ratio of compressive load of parallel to grain to cross-sectional area) and determination of guaranteed load;

Technical Parameter
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