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Bending testing system for large tonnage beam

basic information

The product is a special testing machine developed for wood bending test. it has large tonnage and space, high degree of automation, and meets the requirements of accurate testing of wood bending strength. Through replacement of accessories, it can also be used for compression, bending and bending tests of other metal and nonmetal materials.


The testing machine adopts microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo loading, stable continuous loading, and multi-stage test force maintenance, automatically collects and stores date, draws curves, and automatically prints test reports. The computer timely controls the test process, displays the test force and test curves, which is simple and reliable and easy to operate. The load sensor is used to measure the force, the high-precision hysteresis telescopic displacement sensor is used to measure the piston displacement, and coupled with the MOOG servo valve element in the United States, it makes the performance of the whole machine stable and reliable.

Technical Parameter
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Microcomputer controlled large span plate testing machine
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